Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

Most investors receive only a fraction of market returns. To do better, you need investment and risk management based on financial science, not promises. Learn how our proven retirement distribution system, along with comprehensive financial planning and wealth management, helps you create a more confident future.
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Wealth Management with a Difference

Accumulating wealth is only part of the equation, but that’s what most financial advisors focus on. So you’re left to ride the ups and downs of the market without proper risk control. We believe you deserve better.

That’s why at Oliver Wealth Management, we apply financial science to all parts of your financial life. It starts with careful management of all the variables within your control. We include strategies for asset preservation and income distribution.

Why Work With Us?

Data-Driven We help you tilt the odds in your favor with a data-driven, science-backed approach.
Preservation-Focused We use a disciplined approach to risk control, so you are moving closer to your goals.
Distribution Strategies With longevity on the rise, we help you use smart distribution strategies to help make your money last longer.
Disciplined Our disciplined approach helps you avoid surprises and stay on track to achieving your goals.
Independent Since we have no corporate ties, you get the help you need without the conflicts of interest of a branded firm.
Transparent Our comprehensive services are provided for one simple fee, so you always know exactly what you are paying.

Financial Planning for Business Owners and Professionals

As advisors to many business owners and attorneys, we know that most people haven’t done enough financial planning. We wrote this book to educate you on making these preventative financial planning moves sooner, rather than later, in the hope you never have to deal with those types of stresses.

An independent, dedicated team that believes in providing you with:

Full-service help
No conflicts of interest
Unlimited support
All for one transparent, simple fee
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Full Service Financial Services That Help You Achieve Your Goals

Between conflicts of interest, layers of fees, and drama-filled financial media, the odds are stacked against the average investor. That's why we offer a service that's different; we're geared to helping you avoid the traps that set people back. Through our data-driven focus on all parts of your financial life, we help keep your money working harder for you...so you can achieve your goals.

Investment Management

Our science-based approach helps you closely manage risk and increase the consistency of your returns…so you can achieve your goals.
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Retirement Planning

Our comprehensive planning processes go beyond the basics to help you find and use strategies that help make your money last longer.
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Estate Planning

Our estate planning helps you find strategies that can reduce taxes and protect your assets, while ensuring efficient transfer of wealth to your heirs.
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Risk Management

In today’s markets, risk must be managed closely to help you stay on track to your goals. Our focus on risk management helps you preserve what you’ve built.
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