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How We Started

Many years ago, while attending a lecture by a Nobel Laureate and University of Chicago tenured Professor, something occurred to Brandon and his team.  They realized there is actually a better way to manage your wealth. Through thousands of studies and back testing every model, YES, there is a framework to follow to make sure you don’t outlive your money.

As already an industry veteran on Wall Street, Brandon asked himself… ‘why aren’t all wealth managers already doing this for their clients?’ It’s nothing new…in fact, it’s already part of the federal law.  You can find it in the statutes of ERISA (which governs how administrators or retirement plans must manage employee money) and UPMIFA (which governs how foundation and endowment money is managed).  As you can imagine, these organizations and institutions must safeguard the funds entrusted with them.

The answer was clear:  because most of Wall Street was driven by corporate profits and ultimately NOT by what’s best for the clients. Brandon was already tired of the conflicts of interest that existed at these firms. With the limitations within the Wall-Street firm, Brandon saw a way to always put the client’s interests first.

Being client-oriented, he saw how sound financial advice impacted his clients’ lives. He wanted to help his clients utilize technology and financial scientific methods to create an investment standard to secure their future.

So in 2016, he founded Oliver Wealth Management.  The mission of OWM is to always serve the clients best interests by using all available technology and financial sciences to deliver methods for successful planning while helping deliver peace of mind.  A lot of financial advisors say they can do everything for clients, but he saw firsthand that was not the case.  So OWM dedicated itself to being there for clients through all their financial decisions.

Every team member who has joined Oliver Wealth shares that same passion and loves helping clients reach their goals.

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