Why OWM?

Build Wealth That Lasts

You’ve worked hard for your money.  Now you have to make sure you keep it.

Problem is, most financial advisors focus primarily on the accumulation side.  As we saw in 2008 and 2009, and during other bubbles, not all wealth sticks around.

That’s why at Oliver Wealth Management, we do things differently.  Yes, we help you with the accumulation of wealth…using data and financial science, not with simple passive techniques.

But we go much further.

Strategies for Preservation

You’ve heard the old adage, “it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep”.  We couldn’t agree more.

Wall Street usually promotes the opposite:  get the crowd in on the popular trends, then don’t worry what happens next.   We’ve all seen that play out.

Whether it was 2008 or the dot com crash, it never ends well.  While many go on to recoup losses, if you were unlucky enough to be retiring in 2008, it could have changed the course of your retirement forever.

How?  Sequences of returns risk.  This is an extremely important concept, but it’s rarely mentioned on financial media.  Why not?  It’s not pretty and it’s mostly out of your control.  Due to the dynamics of compound interest, if you retire and your initial years are bad market years where your principal drops, it can irrevocably damage your ability to generate future income.

That’s why at Oliver Wealth Management, we don’t ignore this reality. Instead, we plan for it, so if it happens to you, you’ll be well prepared. This approach takes much more analysis and honest conversations…but it helps you be prepared.  So you sleep well at night.

Strategies for Distribution

Another underappreciated aspect of wealth management is the distribution of wealth.  But with longevity on the rise, that’s a critical issue.  Accumulation is only half the battle….then you have to make your money last.

Fortunately, with the right planning, we can help you make your money last longer.  But it requires discipline and again, relying on data and evidence, not just what’s popular.

That includes managing the Sequence of Returns risk and planning for tax-efficient income harvesting.  At Oliver Wealth, that’s our specialty.  We’ll help you make your money last longer…and help you pass it on efficiently to your heirs. 

Behavioral Science for Better Returns

According to the Dalbar studies, most investors receive only a fraction of market returns.  Why?  Blame it on being human.  There’s nothing easy about investing.  It plays on our most basic emotions of fear and greed.  It is extremely difficult to fight those emotions.  That’s why most people, and professionals as well, tend to buy and sell investments at the wrong times.

That’s why at Oliver Wealth Management, our entire firm is focused on the behavioral side of money.  We’re here to help you prevent these expensive mistakes.  We’ll act as your support system so you can stay on course and achieve your financial goals.

That includes education and communication that can help you feel better about market volatility.  Through our unending focus on evidence, we help you face the future with confidence. 

Specialists, Not Relationship Managers

At many financial advisory firms, you work with a “relationship manager”.  Then, your investments get outsourced to one or more money managers.  You’ll probably never meet the person who manages your money—ever.

That’s efficient for the firm, but not good for you. Your money manager needs to understand your goals, everything you own and owe, your responsibilities and preferences.  Only then can they make the proper choices to manage your risk.

That’s why at Oliver Wealth Management, we have true open architecture, free from conflicts of interest.  Instead of outsourcing, we work closely with you so you can understand and feel comfortable with your investment strategy.  Our goal is always to manage your risk to help you achieve more consistent returns…so you can reach your goals.

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Our Promise to You

Setting the Bar Higher

Much of the financial advice industry sells you short.  The big brand names usually want you to think they’re safe, but in reality, these firms have decidedly non-consumer friendly business models.

At Oliver Wealth Management, we designed our firm to serve you better:

  • We’re independent, so we have no ties to firms that sell products. Instead, we’re free to simply use the lowest cost products that will work best for you.
  • We act as your fiduciaries, so we are legally responsible to put your interests first….always.
  • We’re fee-only, meaning we don’t accept commissions. There are no conflicts of interest you have to worry about.  You simply pay us a fee in exchange for our objective advice.
  • We want to be with you at all major financial decisions, so you can avoid mistakes.
  • Your money is important, so you need to stay informed. You’ll hear from us often and we’ll meet with you quarterly, either in person or by phone, so you’re always up to date.
  • Our services include unlimited support, so you can call, email or text us whenever you need our help, without fear of getting a surprise bill.

True Independence

As an independent financial advisor, we do not sell proprietary investment products and/or have sales quotas. This allows us to put you first, always.

Keeping Your Money Safe

Independent checks and balances

To keep your money safe, you need independent checks and balances.  That’s why Oliver Wealth Management partners with other high-quality firms for critical functions such as the custody and safeguarding of your assets.  

About Our Custodians

We selected Raymond James for custody and clearing of client assets. We chose them because of their strength, stability, and reputation.

The firm was founded in 1962 with a commitment to put people, planning, and principles first, a culture which continues to guide the company today. Publicly traded since 1983, Raymond James Financial (RJF) currently manages over $479 billion in client assets.

Learn more about Raymond James

We selected Schwab because it’s been a pioneer in the industry since 1971.

For more than 50 years, Schwab has continued to innovate new ways that make Wall Street more accessible to the individual investor. Today, Schwab provides investing and trading services for 11 million client accounts that total more than $1 trillion in assets, and custodial services for more than 6,000 independent Registered Investment Advisors.

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Our Fees

Simple and transparent

At Oliver Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on simple and transparent fees.  You’ll always know how much you will pay when you sign up with us.

Once you’re on board, there’s never any surprise bills.  Additionally, we focus on minimizing your investment expenses by choosing quality, low-cost funds, and investments.  This is critical since high fees and expenses can erode your wealth dramatically over time.

With Oliver Wealth Management, you get:
  • Full-service help for one simple fee.
  • The fee includes unlimited support so you can call, email or text us whenever you need help.
  • You’ll never get a surprise bill from us.
  • There are no long contracts, so you’re free to cancel at any time.

We pride ourselves on world-class service while keeping our fees as low as possible for our clients.

We help you with the accumulation of wealth.

Learn how we use data and financial science to do so.
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