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Create a More Confident Future

Most advisors focus on accumulation strategies.  But with people living longer, you can’t ignore the fact that you may spend several decades in retirement as well.


That’s the “harvesting” portion of your financial life, and that requires significant attention.  Why?  There are a lot more challenges today than there were in the past:

  • You may live much longer than you expect
  • Few people have pensions with guaranteed incomes
  • Interest rates linger near generational lows, so you can’t count on fixed income investing alone

In today’s and tomorrow’s world, your money needs to last.  That’s why at Oliver Wealth Management, we pay attention to all parts of your financial life:

  • The accumulation phase, when you are investing for the future
  • The harvesting phase, when you are living off your investments and other income sources

Both are equally important, and both require careful planning and risk management.  

What Should You Expect?

Do expect….DON’T expect….
Intensive planning.
We’re here to help you preserve your assets no matter what the stock market does. That requires planning and strategy. We take an institutional approach to help you avoid outsize losses and make your money last.
A passive approach.
Buy and hold has its place, but when you are nearing retirement, you can’t afford to be passive. So we help you strategically harvest your assets, so you can generate the income you need without sacrificing the future.
A higher standard.
Your future is critical, so we don’t take chances with your money. Instead, we utilize the same prudent ‘best practices’ required of those who manage public or retirement plan money.
The next hot trend.
Outsize risks can sometimes work during bull markets, but you can’t base your future on them. Instead we focus on real wealth building strategies, where you’re not risking money chasing what’s popular.
Real expertise.
We’ve helped many clients improve their futures over the years. We’ve got the education, experience and knowledge needed to guide you through the process .
Sales pitches.
We act as your fiduciary, so we’re your advisor. We don’t sell anything…we simply give you sound advice. We’ll also recommend the least expensive products to achieve your goals.
Peace of mind.
We help you minimize financial stress and replace it with peace of mind and confidence. Through real risk management and smart planning, you’ll always know where you’re going and your next steps.
Feeling nickel-and-dimed.
Fees matter. That’s why we have simple, transparent fees and no surprise bills. That keeps more of your money working for you.

Keeping You Informed

Your money is important, so you need to have constant support.  You’ll have our specialized client dashboard and tools for 24/7 access to your financial information.  Then we’re available to you anytime to help with financial decisions.  That’s all included since our services include unlimited support.  That way, you can call, email or text us when you need us.


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