About Us

Helping You Beat the Odds

In previous decades, planning your financial future was a lot simpler:

  • Most workers received a pension, so you could count on a monthly income
  • Interest rates were much higher, so you could generate fixed income without much risk

Today, securing your financial future is much more difficult.  With interest rates still near generational lows, earning a “safe” income is nearly impossible. Fortunately, there is a “best practice” that can help take much of the risk out of the process and make your money go farther.

Where can you find it?  There are actually laws written on it (ERISA and UPMIFA), which govern how retirement plans, foundations, and endowment money must be managed.  This process is time-tested and if followed, helps generate conservative returns without excessive risk.

You would think consumer money would be managed the same way, using these “prudent man” rules that have existed for many decades. Sadly, that’s not usually the case.

You Deserve Better

At most firms, these critical concepts of truly prudent investment management get little attention.  Instead, the focus is on accumulation, not on strategies to manage your money after you retire.

That’s why we founded Oliver Wealth management.  We wanted to bring disciplined, evidenced-based money management to you.  Money management based on the “prudent” processes imposed on retirement plan managers and administrators of public foundations.   Why do you deserve any less?

Focused on the Whole Picture

This is how we’re different:

  • Careful control over your risk and diversification, so you’re not overly concentrated when the next downturn arrives
  • Tight controls of investment expenses, so more of your money can stay working for you
  • Carefully constructed harvesting strategies to help your money last

All with full-service help so you can reach your goals faster.

With decades of combined experience, we’ve helped many individuals and families tilt the odds in their favor.

See what our full-service financial planning and wealth management can do for you.

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