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Personalized wealth management for business owners and professionals

We know you’re busy.

That’s why at Oliver Wealth, we provide a full-service solution that can help you achieve your personal financial goals while you stay focused on your business or practice.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Experts that help you with all areas of your life including investments, financial planning, estate planning, and tax planning
  • Advice is driven by evidence, not what’s popular
  • A supportive team that’s dedicated to helping you identify and achieve your most important financial and life goals
  • An independent team free of conflicts of interest
  • Fiduciaries that put your interests first at all times

We’re here to help you get organized and on track to a more secure future.

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Our Commitment to You

  • We’ll focus on helping you protect your money as well grow it
  • We’ll help you with tax-efficient distribution strategies as well as accumulation strategies, so your money lasts longer
  • Full-service means exactly that—call us when you or a family member needs help—there’s no extra charge.
  • We’ll always act as your fiduciary, meaning we put your interests first
  • We’ll always clearly explain our fees in writing in advance
  • You’ll always know how much you are paying and you’ll never receive a surprise bill
  • If you need help that is beyond the scope of our expertise, we’ll help you find and vet a qualified person in that specialty to help you achieve your goals
Wealth Management for Business Owners

Wealth Management for Business Owners

Owning a business is extremely gratifying, but it can also be all-consuming.  Many business owners focus so much on their business that they neglect proper planning for their own future.  Learn how Oliver Wealth can help you organize all parts of your financial life and get your money working for you.

Building a Solid Foundation

Meet Barbara.  Barbara and her sister are founders of a fast-growing natural cosmetics company.  While they have consultants and advisors for their business, Barbara has never focused on her own finances.  As a result, she’s not sure she’s doing everything she needs to for her future.

For many years Barbara lived on a very modest draw while she and her sister plowed earnings back into the business.  But for the past two years, she’s finally been able to take some meaningful distributions.  Now, she’s a bit shellshocked at her tax liability and was looking to find a way to shelter more of her income through a retirement plan.

When she first met with Oliver Wealth, her advisor worked with her upfront to create a comprehensive financial plan.  As her business grows, this allows Barbara to also grow her own net worth and diversify her interests.  The plan can help her feel more organized which is important in her busy life.  Over time, her OWM advisor helped her optimize these areas of her personal financial life:

  • To help reduce her taxes and help her build for the future, her advisor worked with her to set up a retirement plan and a health savings account.
  • They reviewed her investments. Prior to starting her company, Barbara was a software developer, so it was no surprise her investments were primarily tech.  While that takes advantage of her expertise, her advisor explained that concentration in one industry could backfire, so they decided to diversify her holdings.
  • Now that Barbara’s business has grown, it is important for her to start sheltering her personal assets when possible. Her advisor helped her adjust her insurance to add more personal liability coverage, and also helped create a strategy for shielding some of her assets in case of business litigation.
  • They also worked together to discuss an exit plan should Barbara or her sister wants to leave the business and cash out in the future.
  • Now they meet quarterly, either in person or by phone and review Barbara’s entire financial status. They discuss the market and changes are made to help ensure their investments stay in line with her risk.   

Planning Your Exit

Meet Brad.  Brad is one of three owners of a commercial construction company.  The firm has been very successful, and Brad and his partner have had some disagreements.  Brad thought it was a good time to get his own personal financial house in order, in case there’s any change on the horizon with his two partners.

Brad has built up considerable assets over the years.  He owns a commercial building as well as two homes in addition to his primary residence.  He’s divorced with two children he’s supporting through college, along with alimony payments.   Brad uses a broker to manage his investments, but he has been frustrated when this broker shows no interest in helping with tax and estate planning.  Brad feels like he needs a lot more attention and advice at this point in his life.

When Brad first met with Oliver Wealth, he was looking for all the other things he wasn’t getting from his broker:  asset protection, tax strategy, financial planning.  At this point in his life, he was more concerned with keeping what he had than taking a lot of risks.  He was concerned about the stress among him and his business partners and wanted to make sure he was on the solid ground apart from them.

Over time, Brad’s OWM advisor helped him address these areas of his financial life:

  • First, they prepared a comprehensive financial plan that helped Brad map out his future goals. This included creating income distribution strategies should he opt to sell his interest in his business today, or in 5 or 10 years.
  • Due to the recent tax law changes, they looked at tax strategy and helped identify ways Brad can reduce his tax liability.
  • They talked through some potential ways for him to deal with his business partners. They identified a strategy for him to buy out his two partners if it got down to that.
  • Asset preservation and estate planning were critical, so they worked on a strategy to achieve both goals. Once a plan was devised, they worked with Brad’s attorney over the next months to ensure smooth implementation.
  • Brad’s investments were quite heavy in domestic equities, so he and his OWM advisor worked together to better diversify his holdings.
  • Recently, Brad wanted to talk about retiring and negotiating a buyout with his two partners. His advisor then took the proposed buyout and was able to plan a tax-efficient distribution strategy so that Brad could enjoy a solid income in retirement.
  • Now they meet quarterly, either in person or by phone and review Brad’s financial status, so he can feel organized and in control.

The person and personal story depicted are fictitious but the scenarios summarize financial situations and considerations that clients may face.

Wealth Management for Attorneys

Unique challenges and opportunities

As a practicing attorney or law partner, you have some unique challenges and opportunities. Learn how Oliver Wealth helps professionals like you create a more confident financial future.

Getting On Track

Meet Matthew.  Matthew is a Senior Associate at a medium-sized firm. His wife, Maria, a Human Resources Manager, has taken time off to care for their two young kids.  Between long hours and family life, there’s little free time for thinking about future financial strategies. Still, they both wonder what they should be doing now to set them all up for a secure future.

Matthew’s earnings are strong. He contributes to his 401(k), but it seems that lately, the money left over goes out as fast as it comes in. Between paying off remaining student loan debt, mortgage, child and car expenses, they struggle to put more money away.  They seem to be paying a lot of taxes and wonder if they can save there. All of these factors make them both feel disorganized financially, which adds stress to their busy lives.

When they first met with Oliver Wealth, their OWM advisor worked with them intensively upfront to create a comprehensive financial plan.

This plan helps them to feel more organized and less stressed and creates a clear plan of action.  Over time, their advisor helped them optimize various areas of their financial lives:

  • OWM helped them refinance their student loan debt with a private lender, saving them significant amounts each month.
  • They worked on identifying ways they could save on taxes, which included establishing a spousal IRA, health savings account and a 529 college savings plan. The savings from these moves were used for additional long term investments, so they could get compound interest working in their favor.
  • It was discovered that their investments were overly concentrated in large-cap stocks. Their investments were restructured to better diversify their holdings.
  • Their OWM advisor analyzed their insurance needs and helped them adjust their policies so they were not taking too much risk (or overspending on too much coverage)
  • They worked together to create an estate plan so that everything was in order in case something happened to Matthew or Maria.
  • Now they meet quarterly, either in person or by phone and review the couple’s entire financial status. They discuss the market and changes are made to help ensure their investments stay in line with their risk.   

Protecting What You’ve Built

Meet Yolanda. Yolanda is a partner at a large firm. She has two grown sons who are starting families. She enjoys a very strong income, although it can vary dramatically over the year. Since she’s so busy with her duties as a partner, however, she rarely has time to think about her personal future. She keeps most of her investments in mutual funds through a broker who doesn’t call her unless she calls him.

When Yolanda first came to Oliver Wealth, she was looking for help with investments. She had gotten hit hard in 2008 and didn’t want to lose all her recent gains during the next bear market. Her OWM advisor worked with her initially to develop a financial plan and found many areas where she had some blind spots. One was estate planning. There were opportunities for her to protect assets, which is vital in case of excess liability in malpractice suits, and at the same time save on taxes. She also wanted to leave a legacy for her family and for the dog rescue nonprofit she’s involved with. She worked with another lawyer once and he laid out a strategy but left it to her to implement, so it never got put in place.

Gradually, her advisor helped her work on these areas of her financial life:

  • First, they worked together to prepare a comprehensive financial plan that mapped out her future goals and a path to achieve them. It included taking a sabbatical and a future time where she would transition to working part-time.
  • They worked on identifying ways she could save on taxes and achieve her goals.
  • Since asset preservation was more important to her than continued accumulation, they worked together to restructure her investments. They lowered her risk level overall, which allowed her to continue to get conservative growth but help avoid big drawdowns during market declines.
  • They revisited the estate plan. Some adjustments to strategy were made, but once she approved it, her OWM advisor coordinated with her attorney to get it implemented successfully.
  • Now they meet quarterly, either in person or by phone and review her financial status. Recently, they held a meeting that included her sons to update them on her estate plan, and also to allow her sons to start focusing on their own financial planning, too.

The person and personal story depicted are fictitious but the scenarios summarize financial situations and considerations that clients may face.

Wealth Management for Retirees and Pre-Retirees

Common concerns in retirement

Retirement is a new phase in life, and as with any change, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. Learn how Oliver Wealth Management helps the newly retired and those hoping to retire in the next few years transition into their new lifestyle.

Getting Ready to Retire

Meet Susan. Susan is a corporate professional, and her husband, Jason, owns a construction management firm. At 56 and 59 respectively, they’ve been married for 35 years and have three daughters who are now starting their own families and careers. Now, empty nesters, Susan is ready to retire in the next five years and spend time with her soon-to-be grandchildren. But she’s concerned about whether they’ve accumulated enough to do so.

She and her husband don’t want to outlive their retirement income and aren’t quite sure how to handle their 401(k)s or how Social Security works.

When they first came to Oliver Wealth Management, their OWM advisor helped them create a new budget they could live on in retirement and decide the best time to retire, when to start taking their Social Security benefits and what to do with their 401(k) plans.

  • OWM helped Susan understand her Social Security benefits and other retirement income streams
  • They worked on creating a new budget for when they retire
  • They helped determine when the best time to retire was and what to do beforehand to better prepare them for their new lifestyle
  • They helped Susan feel more comfortable about retiring and gave her peace of mind that OWM had her best interests in mind and would protect her retirement nest egg

Recently Retired

Meet David. David just turned 70 and retired from the corporate world three years ago. With longevity in his family, he worried that he would eventually exhaust his money in retirement and have to change his lifestyle. He had questions about how to best manage his retirement required minimum distributions that would start at age 70-½.

David also wanted to ensure he had an appropriate estate plan in place. With no children, he wanted to implement a charitable gifting strategy and leave some of his assets to his nephews. He wanted to work with an advisor who would be there long-term.

  • OWM helped David understand his retirement accounts and how to best utilize them so that he did not outlive his assets in retirement
  • They helped him with tax-planning and implications now that he had required minimum distributions
  • They helped him establish an appropriate estate plan and gifting strategy
  • OWM has established a long-term relationship with David and check in with him regularly to report where he is and how his accounts are doing
The person and personal story depicted are fictitious but the scenarios summarize financial situations and considerations that clients may face. 

Five Ways to Help Secure Your Future

Learn what preventative financial planning moves to make sooner, rather than later.